Panama demands transparency in the use of public funds

According to lawyer Ernesto Cedeño, one of the complainants, this money ended up in areas mostly controlled by the ruling Democratic Revolutionary Party, without knowing what it was invested in.

The action that the National Assembly (parliament) will adopt in the coming days is important – the regular sessions begin on July 1 – because there they must demand the Comptroller Gerardo Solís to report, the lawyer explained to TVN news channel.

In his opinion, the oversight work of the legislature allows the appearance of a person who has hitherto remained silent in the face of the alleged waste of state resources.

On the other hand, he noted that the nation’s attorney, Javier Caraballo, must direct the compliance judges to demand compliance with existing embezzlement provisions against those responsible, and that despite this he continues to manage the state’s funds.

He pointed out that another oversight entity is the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, who can force the director of the National Authority for Decentralization, Edward Mosley, to report on this process, but he does nothing.

Mosley himself told the press recently that there is no parallel decentralization, “all money that is managed is regulated by law,” he said.

He pointed out that when the fiscal year ends, local authorities provide accounts to communities, in addition to citizen consultations.

Complaints on the matter have been joined by a group of independent deputies and leaders of the Vamos Alliance and the Otro Camino movement, who have demanded an investigation into the transfer of funds from parallel decentralization.

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For its part, the Accounts Prosecutor’s Office reported that since 2020, it has requested 40 reports from the Comptroller General’s Office, and has so far received only one.

In this regard, they pointed out that the rule does not specify a specific time for the auditor to conduct the audit, while this entity stated that it does not have the necessary resources to carry out its work.

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