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01 November 2023

The union’s senior review determines that UAS used state and federal resources reasonably well during 2022

In a complete exercise of transparency and accountability, the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) has reported the results of the comprehensive review conducted by the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) of federal and federal resources for the fiscal year 2022, in which the body determined that Casa Rosalina made a “reasonable exercise” of federal and federal resources for the fiscal year 2022.

In a press conference chaired by the Secretary General, Dr. Candelario Ortiz Bueno, Accountant General of the UAS CPC, Rebeca Carrasco Peña detailed the results of the 1706 audit entitled “Federal Expenditure Resources Transferred to State Public Universities” carried out to the General Account 2022, whose objective was to supervise the That the administrative, financial and legal management and compliance of the federal expenditure resources transferred to the University through the agreements concluded between the federal and state governments with the University, has been implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Expenditure Budget Decree for the Fiscal Year 2022 and other applicable legal provisions, that is, for the entire resources allocated to the University, in a sample It covered 94.3 percent of the amount of 7 thousand 82 million pesos.

“All the operations carried out in the institution, all the expenditures made from these allocated resources have been reviewed. A good review process has been carried out by the supervisory body, which is very objective, impartial and independent and we have to inform you that the results are very encouraging and very positive, and they represent a reasonable Or reasonable practice of the institution’s general spending, Carrasco said: Sadness.

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Acting as the liaison for ASF’s audits, he noted that there had also been an evaluation of the internal control system that had resulted in 95 percent compliance, meaning an excellent result.

“We have already got the result, we have the opinion of the supervisory body and we want to make it known to society in general, that we owe it to them when exercising public resources, and we provide here a sample of what accountability is,” he stressed on transparency.

He explained that among the 36 findings issued by the ASF, 15 irregularities were not detected in 15, 9 were resolved during the development of the audit, 12 issued 2 recommendations, 1 strengthening the practice of the Tax Verification College and 9 sheets of observations.

“At the time of closing the audit, they were given 12 working days to resolve the issue and during those 12 working days; the findings and observations of the Supervisory Body were resolved in their entirety, which is why, in its opinion, at the conclusion of the Supervisory Body, we can proudly say that the University Independent Sinaloa has made a reasonable exercise of federal spending resources,” he said.

He added that only one exception was identified in the areas of opportunity identified to improve efficiency in the use of public resources, which were also fully resolved.

For his part, lawyer Milton Ayala Vega explained that state and federal spending was audited. The first is the resource that UAS receives directly from the federation and the second is the one that it receives via state subsidy but is a resource from the federation (federal shares) and nothing was found that proves that the state government did not The university endows its own resources and this is reflected in the ASF documents.

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He added that this information could be used for defense in the hearings of accused officials, but it is something that has already been presented in the hearings, and has already been told to the judges and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but they do not find “it has been heard in the field of procurement and the administration of justice,” and that is why it was insisted There is political persecution and witch-hunting. He also added that these results are also achieved by the state government because it is a resource that the federation sends to it.

He stated that both Dr. Jesús Maduena Molina and Dr. Robespierre Lizarraga Otero did not attend the session to review the precautionary measures scheduled for today due to health problems, and they presented medical documents, so the session was postponed until November 6 at 9:30 a.m. He said that the voice of the people is heading towards the university presidents. In a way that makes them ready for anything.

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