Apple is on trial in the UK over defective iPhone batteries

Apple will not be able to block a lawsuit filed in London on behalf of about 25 million iPhone users in the United Kingdom who accuse the company of disguising faulty batteries in those devices, a British court decided on Wednesday.

Charge was filed In 2017 by Justin Gottman On behalf of these consumers, it seeks damages from Apple worth approximately £1.6 billion (1,842 million euros) In addition to the benefits, by maintaining that American company He hid Defective batteries are in millions of iPhones in this country.

Gutman’s defense argues so Apple hid the problems The batteries of certain models of these devices are supposed to be “regulated” through software updates and the installation of a power management tool that… Limits hardware performance.

Apple’s defense

For its part, Apple defends that the lawsuit “has no merit.” Negates It is strongly believed that the batteries are defective, except for a few batteries in them iPhone 6 models Which already A free replacement was offered at that time For customers.

Apple wanted this case dismissed despite the approval of that country’s Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT). Green light for Gottman to move forward With the complaint, in a written opinion now issued.

The American company insists that “They will not do anything to deliberately shorten life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience” so that consumers are forced to change their models to more modern models.

However, CAT also determined that there is ‘Lack of clarity and privacy’ In the case brought on behalf of iPhone users in this country and that this issue must be resolved before they go to trial.

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For his part, Gutmann noted that this ruling represents “an important step towards achieving justice for the consumer.”

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