Pag presents his new book: “Argentinas en la Ciencia”

Bag Labs Adds a new title to his book collection. With the launch of Argentinas en la Ciencia, it appreciates the national standing of the field in the world, emphasizing the outstanding contribution of the country’s scientists.

The work consists of 4 chapters and begins with the honoring of the world’s pioneers of science.

In addition, he looks at the problem of gender in the field, and focuses on the lives and work of Argentine scholars who made history. It also includes a chapter dedicated to today’s great Argentine heroes who stand out at home and abroad.

There, it is served 11 Related Female Features This, from different fields of science and country, share their findings, failures, achievements, passions and challenges they faced.

The book written by stave. Valeria EdelsteenAnd stave. Irina PodgornyAnd Lc. Alejandra VulgaretAnd Lc. Federico Coxo, and collect it Valeria Edelsstein, It goes through different periods of Argentine science and does a federal geographical survey that collects the stories of women scientists from all over the country. Argentines in science Reliance on Accreditation of the National Academy of Sciences and the Conicet تعاون cooperation.

Edgardo Vazquez, General Manager of Laboratorios BagI commented on the book that women who decide to pursue science provide a very particular look at the issues they choose to address, They fill the flag with their questions. that they They have been involved in the production of knowledge since the beginning of the history of science and continue to do so to this day.

In turn, commenting on the purpose of the book, he said: We want you to benefit from reading this work as well Passing on and inspiring this passion for science to new generations, tan Full of challenges, personal effort, and immense joy in achievements.

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With this post, the bag collection actually 29 books and more than 124,000 copies Forms are distributed free of charge throughout the country. Argentinas en la Ciencia is now available at digital bag libraryAnd With free access.

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