“La casa de papel”: Ursula Corbero reveals that Madonna admires her

“La casa de papel” is not only one of the most-watched series in Netflix history: it’s also a mass phenomenon that has turned its heroes into international celebrities. Reason enough for Ursula Corbero to like other stars, like Madonna.

This is what the interpreter from Tokyo said during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.” The Spanish actress recounted how her role in the production of the ‘flowing giant’ changed her life and revealed a strange anecdote she had with the ‘Queen of Pop’.

The event took place during a trip by Ursula Corbero from Los Angeles (USA) to Madrid (Spain). The plane stopped in London (UK) and it was there that Madonna met the Netflix star in the same place.

Madonna “He was making eye contact with me, and suddenly he came right up to me, kept his gaze on my eyes, and started tying his shoes to my seat,” the actress said, imitating the singer’s gestures.

He said ‘hello’ and I was speechless, nothing came out of my mouth. He said, ‘Excuse me, I just wanted to say hi to you and tell you that I’m a big fan of ‘La casa de papel’ and that Tokyo ‘your character, she’s my favorite’ “.


Ursula Corbero’s surprise at Madonna’s approach was so great that she could not utter a word, until I asked her if she knew who she was. Then, finally, I was able to say something: ‘Of course I know who you are, you p … Madonna! ‘ said the actress.

Then they had a brief exchange of words that culminated when the “Like A Virgin” translator typed her phone number into her cell phone. Ursula Corbero. They said goodbye, but the Spaniards were followed by a letter from the pop singer.

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“I got a text from her saying, ‘Honey, you forgot your passport on the seat,'” Corbero said. maintained by the host. So I was able to come home thanks to Madonna.”

It should be noted that Ursula Corbero gained international fame with “Stealing moneyBut he also participated in other productions such as “El internado”, “Isabel” and “Física o Química” as well as Anglo-Saxon series such as Snake Eyes and “Snatch”.

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