Owned by over 5,600 people and small businesses

In less than 10 minutes, the Kirk Hill wind farm is expected to generate enough electricity to power a home for a year and will save 29,667 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Kirk Hill Project: A New Breakthrough in Renewable Energy

Environmental and energy benefits

Once operational, the eight-turbine wind farm will generate enough green energy for 20,000 homes and businesses, saving 29,667 tonnes of carbon annually. It is estimated that the farm will generate enough electricity to power a home for a year every ten minutes.

Community financing

The site, which cost £13.2 million (about €15.3 million), has been fully funded by 5,600 people and companies who have bought shares since 2022.

Energy ripple mission

Launched in 2017, Ripple Energy aims to make renewable energy ownership accessible and affordable to everyone. The company launches wind and solar projects where people can buy shares and get cheaper renewable energy through one of the company’s partner energy providers.

Past and future projects

Kirk Hill is the second project launched by Ripple Energy, following the Greg Vatha project in South Wales, which began generating power in March 2022, becoming the first consumer-owned wind farm in the UK.

The company will also launch its first solar project in late 2024 with the Derrell Water Solar Park, and in 2026 it will begin generating power at the Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm in the Scottish Borders.

Access to clean energy

From early May 2024, around 70% of UK households will have access to clean energy from a Ripple Energy project, after British Gas, EDF, Ecotricity and E.ON Next joined as suppliers.

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Statements by Ripple Energy CEO

Projects like the Kirk Hill Wind Farm allow thousands of people to come together and collectively own large wind and solar farms.

If you own a part of a wind turbine, you can see it, you can touch it. You know you have a real, real impact on climate change, not just this year, but over the next 25 or 30 years.

Sarah Merrick, CEO and founder of Ripple Energy

Ripple Energy continues to advance its mission to democratize ownership of renewable energy, allowing more people and businesses to actively participate in generating clean, sustainable energy. The Kirk Hill project is an important milestone on this path, providing a model for community financing and access to green energy that can be replicated elsewhere.

more information: Energy ripple | Kirk Hill Wind Farm

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