Check the list of countries that require a visa with a US passport

Although the economic power of the United States might lead one to believe that its passport is the most powerful, the reality is that it is not in the first place. Many countries of the world require a visa from US passport holders. We’re telling you.

The idea that the American passport is the most powerful in the world, driven by the United States’ status as a leading economic power, is a myth. In fact, this passport is not among the top three in the world, although it is not far from the top either. For this reason, there are dozens of countries that require entry visas for those holding an American passport.

To enter other countries safely, US citizens must meet their own visa requirements, including the option to obtain an electronic visa.

Likewise, other countries require visas from US citizens to enter their territories. An important change to note is that starting in 2025, the European Schengen Area will implement a mandatory Electronic Travel Authorization System (ETIAS) for Americans as well. What is ESTA for Europeans?

Countries that require visas from Americans who hold a US passport

According to him index Of the passports, updated in 2024, the US passport occupies sixth place in the world rankings, although in front of it are dozens of countries that together occupy the top positions, almost all countries of the Schengen Area, in Europe, are located at the bottom on . Including Spanish passport.

And yes, many countries require a visa from anyone holding a US passport, even if you don’t think so. Including Australia, which requires an electronic visa, and in Latin America, Bolivia and Brazil require it, and the visa costs exceed $80. Other countries that require visas for Americans include China and Egypt.

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To enter India, Americans also need an e-visa, Indonesia requires it upon entry, and you must get it at the airport, and the same goes for Qatar. Kenya, Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and New Zealand also require online visas.

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