Order to stop the blockade of a landfill in El Salvador – Prensa Latina

The aforementioned court ordered the Solid Waste Management Company (MEDS) to resume the treatment and final disposal service for the garbage it provides to the San Salvador mayor’s office.

This new measure is part of a judicial process that was inaugurated last September, as a result of the blockade organized by a union linked to the executive authority, demanding the mayor, Ernesto Moisund, to pay the fees due.

According to Moishund, everything is part of a plot by Labor Secretary Rolando Castro, ruling party candidate New Ideas for mayor of San Salvador, ex-Interior Minister and ex-Metropolitan Council member Mario Duran.

The Environmental Chamber Mides also ordered to refrain from impeding the activities of unloading the garbage that is transported to the sanitary landfill, as a result of the recent closure of the Njaba landfill in front of the trucks of the mayor’s office.

The court also ordered the Director of the National Civil Police, Mauricio Ariza, to ensure compliance with this ruling and to arrest anyone who violates it on charges of environmental pollution and failure to comply with a court order.

The judges warn that these measures aim to avoid environmental degradation and harm to public health, one week before the legislative and municipal elections for this Central American country.

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