Opening of the exhibition “The meeting point between man and plants”

Starting tomorrow, the exhibition Ethnobotany, “the meeting point of humans and plants”, opens at the “Amado Bonpland” Museum of Natural Sciences, located at 100 Costanera General San Martín Avenue.

The design was in charge of researcher Ibone and professor of anthropology at Facena-Unne. The sample was supported by the Unne en el Medio program of the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste.

Ibone, through the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, is developing the project “Botany and the plants of Corrientes come out into society through coordinated work with museums”, which consists of a series of exhibitions at the Museums of Fine Arts and Natural Sciences Amadou Bonpland, from the city of Corrientes. This temporary exhibition is part of the aforementioned project.

It will be open Monday through Friday from 8am to 1:30pm and from 2:00pm to 8:00pm. It is not necessary to request shifts.

About the exhibition

The focus of her study is on the vital cultural memory possessed by peoples in which it is possible to identify vital cultural entities, the product of a mixture of natural and cultural elements, arising from the physical and intellectual management that humans have been practicing since time immemorial. .

In this sense, knowledge is shared among all, where each actor has something to teach and learn, knowledge is not lost, and its creators are valued and dignified. Only then can bio-cultural diversity be preserved.

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