Channel 4’s embarrassing bodies will return with a new lineup of doctors and celebrity guests


Channel 4 has announced the return of its award-winning television series Embarrassing Bodies, in which a new team of medical professionals unravel the medical mysteries of patients, with the help of special celebrity guests.

In the New Look series, Dr. Jane Leonard, Dr. Anand Patel, and Dr. Tosin Ajayi-Sutopo will examine, explain and treat many conditions, as well as debunk myths and stigma surrounding joint conditions.

For the first time, the series will also focus on health and sexual issues, along with help and guidance from celebrities who want Britain to speak up on these issues.

Embarrassing bodies will see the as yet unannounced group of celebrities tackle a series of stunts and challenges, hoping to get the UK talking about health and sexual issues.

The embarrassing return of the bodies with a new formation (Photo: Channel 4) Read more related articles Read more related articles

They will be supported by New Medical Line, which will use its expertise to advise the public at new “communal clinics”, where patients can ask questions they fear or seek advice about embarrassing conditions. Maybe they are hiding.

The new series is sure to be welcome news for fans of the original series, which has ran for eight series since 2007 and featured medical professionals such as Dr. Christian Jessen, Dr. Don Harper, and Dr. Pixie McKenna.

Original series starring Dr. Christian Jessen, Dr. Pixie McKenna, and Dr. Don Harper (Image: Channel 4)

Dr. Christian became one of the show’s featured medical professionals and has also appeared in series ranging from Embarrassing Teen Bodies to Embarrassing Chubby Bodies and the Supersize V Superskinny weight-loss series.

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However, in recent years, he has been mired in controversy including comments about the coronavirus and has apologized to Representative Arlene Foster for the accusations on social media, later saying he “deeply regrets” his words, according to The Mirror.

Pleasure Podcast host and GP Dr Anand Patel join the new line-up (Image: CHANNEL 4)

Embarrassment of Bodies later ended in 2015 after an award-winning tour that saw her win two BAFTA TV Awards and a National Television Award nomination.

The news of returning to our screens is sure to delight fans, who will be excited to learn about the new line-up and also learn more about their health in the process.

Dr. Jane Leonard was a famous doctor (Image: Channel 4)

It will also introduce viewers to Dr. Jane Leonard, who is no longer a stranger to the spotlight after giving medical advice to clients including the wives of footballers and TV stars.

He has also helped patients diagnosed with a variety of conditions, from body deformity to hirsutism (excessive hair growth).

As part of the new series’ focus on health and sexual themes, viewers will also see Pleasure Podcast host Dr. Anand Patel answer a range of questions using his expertise on the topics of health, sexual function and testosterone. General Doctor.

Dr. Tosin Ajayi-Sutopo is a general practitioner specializing in women’s health and public health (Image: Channel 4)

Completing the lineup is Dr. Tosin Ajayi-Sutopo, a family physician who specializes in women’s health and public health, as well as preventative health care.

She is also the founder of Mind Body Doctor, an online educational and social media platform that provides a friendly and accessible space to educate and inspire people to care about what matters most.

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