Online Doctor: When Yes and When No

It wasn’t a road, any less easy. However, little by little Telemedicine makes its way into Spanish private healthcare. Although, unfortunately, it had to be carried out on a mandatory basis due to the epidemic.

Undoubtedly, online medical consultation for health insurance is a method that has many advantages, but also some other exclusivity to consider.

Pros and cons of telemedicine

pandemic COVID-19 has changed many of our habits more every day. We are used to executing many cases electronically. A clear example of this is health-related management. In this article, we delve into a file Advantages and disadvantages This is an emerging form of medicine.

24/7 consultation without waiting list

Many insurance companies have included video consultation and private medical chat among their benefits and coverage. Something you can easily check, for example, when Calculate your health insurance with VIVAZ. Not in vain, and quick answerthe convenience of getting care from home and Uninterrupted access They are their main horses. By the way, preference early diagnosis From any possible situation and avoid long queues.

It avoids trips and is cheaper

Online consulting is still booming after the pandemic and one of the main reasons is big Economic savings Compared to traditional alternatives head on. Not in vain, this method Avoid any kind of displacement To our health center unless really necessary.

Prevent self-diagnosis

Diagnosis speed makes this online consultation method to avoid One of the great pests of medicine, self diagnosis. We must not forget that the only viable alternative, in the face of any health problem, is to be advised by experts that health insurance provides for us. Are you lazy to go to counseling? Online medicine will leave you no excuse.

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An option is not always valid

Online medical appointment Requires use of different tools such as video conferencing, telephone or chat, which makes one of its main drawbacks quite obvious. And it is that, speaking especially of our elderly, there are people who are not very prepared to handle these tools easily enough. Fortunately, simplification of processes and training campaigns is being achieved little by little, so that no one is completely out of the digital age.

On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that despite its innumerable advantages, online consultation is not always applicable. We are not talking about any kind of physical or human impediment. not in a vein, There are many diseases thateither because of its attractiveness or because of some uniqueness, Electronic processing is not recommended. We will all agree that a cold, very easy to diagnose, is enough and stays with the far method. However, there are times when that is not enough. So, in conclusion, we must bear in mind that Indirect care should be understood as supporting/complementaryrather than being something that completely eliminates the traditional query.

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