Omicron is already present in 89 countries around the world

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that the omicron variable The coronavirus has already been detected in 89 countries It warned that it continues to expand rapidly.

Confirmed omicron cases double every 36 and 72 hours in countries where they already existAccording to the WHO report, which notes that the variant has a “significant growth advantage” over the delta variant, so prevalent.

So it is expected that The omicron will soon overtake Delta and become the dominant. In any case, the World Health Organization warns that it is not known whether the rapid growth of omicrons is due to greater transmissibility, greater ability to infect vaccinated people or both.

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“Our data on the clinical severity of omicron are still limited. More data is needed to understand the risk profile and how vaccination and prior immunity affect it., explained the World Health Organization in a technical document.

“The number of hospitalizations in the UK and South Africa continues to rise, and given the rapid increase in the number of cases, many health care systems may soon be overwhelmed,” he warned.

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