Now we will have to choose between a cell phone or a computer to manage our passwords

LastPass, One of the Applications The most popular password manager, Announce your changes In their free plan that will be reflected from March 16, 2021. People who have the free form now They will have to choose to access the type of device, computer or mobile phone.

The service currently provides computer access on all browsers and on mobile phones from smartphones, tablets to smart watches. And they explained that in the case of choosing cell phones or computers, Multiple devices can be accessed, But only of the same kind.

The company states that The free service will be activated on the first device you log into, starting March 16th. They explained that users will have three opportunities to change the active device, in order to explore the best option for them.

LastPass Free provides access to two types of devices: computers (including all browsers running on desktop and laptop computers) or mobile devices (including cell phones, smart watches, and tablets). Effective March 16, 2021, LastPass Free will include access on unlimited devices of one type only.

When making a machine change, You will not lose access to informationThe service keeps all data in the cloud. In order to have access to cell phones and computers simultaneously, the company invites users to join the Family Plan or the Premium Plan.

LastPass will notify its users via email on February 16, March 1, and March 16.

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Among the other settings that LastPass Free users will receive, starting May 17, 2021, are: You will get basic help, While Premium and Family will receive personal assistance.

LastPass Premium is the one and only secure place where you can manage your digital life. With LastPass Premium, you do a lot more than stored passwords: it provides a complete experience to protect your digital life with unlimited access from different types of devices and advanced security features.

LastPass currently offers a Personal Premium plan that allows you to manage passwords and store 1 GB of files encrypted with it Three dollars a monthWhile the family plan costs $ 4 and offers six premium licenses.

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