Normal life in the first week of the school year in Bolivia

“In general, we started educational work normally throughout the country. “Only the blockade of the road on the main axis prevented some students from arriving,” the owner said.

About 2.9 million Bolivian students returned to their classrooms in the ending week.

Barry lamented that the crowd of Cochabamba farmers who, with roads blocked, demanded the resignation of self-appointed judges of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Plurinational Constitutional Court, had caused damage to the first days of classes.

The authority commented on this, saying: “Any blockade harms citizens, and we regret the damage to the country’s economy, especially to our educational community, both in Cochabamba province and throughout the country.”

He added in this context that the road blockage hindered the printing of educational texts that are distributed free of charge in public schools and conferences, as the cars that were transporting the material for printing the aforementioned texts were stranded on the roads.

The constitutional term of the judges ended on December 31, but through Constitutional Ruling 049/2023 they extended themselves under the pretext of avoiding a vacuum in the judiciary, which sparked protests from various sectors.

Regarding the biosafety measures put in place to confront Covid-19 and other respiratory diseases in schools, Barry confirmed that they were implemented effectively, in accordance with the protocol approved by the Ministries of Health and Education.

At the opening of the 2024 school year on February 5 in Trinidad, Beni Province, President Luis Arce emphasized that it is crucial in order to enhance the quality of education.

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“This is a crucial year for Bolivian education, and the national government is committed to laying the foundations for quality education this year,” the prominent person said during the event held at the August 6 National School.

Ars stressed that science is advancing rapidly in the world, which is why training at the primary, secondary and vocational education levels must move at the same pace, and which is why students and teachers must always be updated and evaluated.

The head of state asked professors to be more strict with students, because “the more we demand, the better results we will get,” as he put it.


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