New poll puts Frente Amplio in front in Uruguay

At the conclusion of the survey in the first week of March, Usina indicated that 45% of those surveyed would vote for the Left Alliance, while 38% would vote for the parties of the current government coalition.

Overall, the entity's data is consistent with other recent public opinion polls, such as Equipos Consultores and Cifra, which also give a similar difference in favor of Frente Amplio.

For its part, OpciĆ³n Consultores showed a 41% tie for the two best expected candidates, while Factum indicated in its latest study a difference in favor of the government coalition.

The latest poll puts the National Party, led by President Luis Lacalle Pou, in second place with 27 percent, followed by the Colorado Party (7 percent), the Cabildo Abierto and the Independent Party, both with 2 percent. According to the measurement, 12% of those asked answered that they would vote invalid or empty.

Among the supporters of the National Party, 71 percent supported the candidacy of former Presidential Secretary Alvaro Delgado, followed by his successor, economist Laura Raffo, with 17 percent.

The poll places in front of the former mayor of Canelones province, Yamando Orci, one of the standard-bearers of the Amplio Front, who at this point has 47 percent of the intention to vote for the Interior Party.

But Karolina Kos, another FA presidential candidate, closed the gap and received 39 percent of potential voters.

Cos is Mayor of Montevideo (with a license), perhaps the most important elected position in the country after that of President of the Republic.

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