Netflix’s “The Excavation” is based on true events: This is your story

the film ‘Fossils’ It was launched by Netflix on Friday, January 29, as part of the great premieres planned by the live streaming platform for 2021, as it recreates a story that happened just over 80 years ago.

“The Excavations” is a historical story set in the United Kingdom in 1939, and it is based on a real event that deals with the excavation of some dirt mounds in the Sutton Hoo Cemetery, where there is a widow who owns the property and Hui will discover a treasure that will change the course of events.

Carey Mulligan and Ralph Finn They play the hardworking Edith Pretty and Basil Brown who discovered very important things from the sixth and seventh centuries, changed the history of the United Kingdom and contributed to their discoveries in civilization and their country’s heritage in the middle of the beginning of the World War. Second: Since these pieces remained today in the British Museum.

The true story behind “excavation”

“The Excavations” are part of a great historical event recorded faithfully in the British writer’s homogeneous novel John Preston And it was shown on the screen by the Swiss-born director, writer and actor, Simon Stone (“the daughter”).

As he explained BBCThis discovery was named “British Tutankhamun” due to its importance in English archeology in 1939. Basil Brown then discovered “an amazing 27.4-meter ship, large enough to hold up to 20 rowers on each side.”

The movie originally starred an award-winning actress Cate Blanchett But his busy schedule or the startling chainsaw accident that he suffered while in detention last year, did not allow him to act on this story that lasted nearly 120 minutes.

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Other premieres on this weekend include “Ohana: A Magnificent Treasure”, the documentary “We are the Brooklyn Saints” and the second season of the “Snowpiercer” series.

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