Netflix will not allow account sharing in 2023

Most specialists refer to this phenomenon as the end of the “boom” in the flow of content consumption brought on by the pandemic. Recently, consultancy Kantar found that households in the UK are “cleaning up” subscriptions, canceling services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or HBO Max, due to their household spending rationalizing.

But Netflix targets another reason for its passive subscriber growth: Password sharing outside the home.

In the US and Canada alone, 30 million subscribers incorrectly share passwords, and it is estimated that the number rises to 100 million households worldwide.

Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings admitted that the company allowed this behavior without strict action. He argued that this “likely helped fuel the growth of the platform by getting more people to use and enjoy Netflix.”

She identified this practice as inappropriate when used outside the home, but legitimate when classifying family members and using it within the same roof.

When will Netflix stop participating?

But that is about to change and the video streaming company has announced the launch of a global strategy against password sharing outside the home. And while it didn’t detail what these changes were, Netflix estimated they would arrive as early as 2023, according to information revealed by CNBC.

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