Netflix turns ‘The Squid Game’ into a contest (without killing anyone)

the day that squid game Suddenly becoming the most-watched series in Netflix history, the wheels are starting to move among the content platform managers. How can we benefit from this context other than renewing the series for a second season, as was announced this week? Well, for example, with the production of a competition based on squid game But in that (of course) no one will be killed.

The overall format will feature 456 players who will compete in a series of quizzes for the prize of more than juice: $4.56 million, which now translates to €4.36 million. The mechanism will be simple for those who watched the Hwang Dong-hyuk series: it will be necessary to conquer the games inspired by the movie, and other new ones, and it will be necessary to agree on strategies, alliances and betrayals to thrive.

The format will feature a total of 456 players who will compete in a series of quizzes for the most succulent prize: $4.56 million

Brandon Rigg, Vice President reality And documentaries on Netflix, he explained in a press release that “fans of the drama will be on a wonderful and unexpected journey,” the project, titled Squid Game: Challenge It will be full of “swings” and the “biggest prize money” in history will be awarded.

Of course, at first glance it’s time to raise two doubts. The first is that, while squid game He has very strong visuals and became an iconic series in a matter of days, what defines the series is the ruthless indifference with which the contestants are killed. What remains of this spirit once it is assumed that the safety of participants must be ensured in accordance with the television format? How do you prevent it from being a lava floor with men in red uniforms and geometric shaped masks?

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“The Squid Game” will have a second season scheduled for 2024.

Yongkyu Park / EFE

And then we have the approach by which pre-production is developed: candidates from all over the world who speak English are sought out over the web And they may move to the UK to shoot 10 episodes of the first season. Taking into account the Korean designation of origin squid gameIt is noteworthy that it seeks to dispense with the cultural identity of the series since the beginning of production.

It is noteworthy that the format will be filmed in English, bearing in mind that “The Squid Game” was in a South Korean format and in Korean.

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