Netflix: Premiere of “Are You Keeping a Secret?” On Netflix

On Wednesday, February 21 in Mexico, the eponymous documentary will premiere on Netflix Will you keep a secret?because it is possible to find an address in other countries Can I tell you a secret?And also in service flow With the largest reach in the world, Netflix.

Will you keep a secret?. Special/Netflix.

The British film is divided into two parts and tells the story of some of the women who were victims of Matthew Hardy.

In early 2022, this serial cyberstalker was sentenced to the longest prison term in British history.

Will you keep a secret?. Special/Netflix.

In the first part, “It all starts with”ping“.From that moment on, a horrific campaign of harassment has been unleashed that threatens to destroy the lives of many young women in the UK.. In a desperate attempt to end the situation, they decided to search for answers.

And in the second and final part A shocking discovery takes the investigation to a Cheshire village. Evidence piles up and a police officer does his best to arrest the suspect.

The documentary shows the women’s experiences, the police investigation and how Hardy ended up in the hands of justice..



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