Netflix is ​​making one of the most unexpected changes to its subscriptions: the basic plan is going away.

Netflix wants its users to look for a higher subscription or move to a plan with ads. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File)

Netflix has begun phasing out its Basic plan, a budget-friendly, ad-free option that has been popular with subscribers since its introduction, but will now be phased out to move users to other, higher-value tiers.

This change is initially being implemented in key markets such as Canada, the UK and the US.with plans to expand to other countries, as has happened with other changes made by the streaming platform.

Almost a year ago now, Netflix announced its intention to cancel the basic plan for its existing subscribers. This plan, which allowed for 720p streaming and up to two simultaneous streams, is now being phased out.

Users in countries like Canada and the UK have reported receiving direct notifications from the platform, It states that they must choose a new plan if they want to keep their subscription active after a specific date, such as July 13 in some cases.

Netflix wants its users to look for a higher subscription or move to a plan with ads. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic/File Photo)

As reported in posts on Reddit and confirmed by sources like The Verge, Netflix offers its existing subscribers several alternative options. This includes an ad-supported plan for $6.99 per month, an ad-free plan for $15.49 per month, or an ad-free premium plan with 4K support for $22.99 per month.

This strategy aims to migrate users to higher plans or to the ad-supported model which has seen significant growth.reaching over 40 million users as of May.

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Currently, Netflix users have the option to choose between several plans to suit different needs and budgets:

Netflix wants its users to look for a higher subscription or move to a plan with ads. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File)
  • Standard plan with ads: Includes ad-supported streaming, access to almost all movies and series on the platform, unlimited mobile games, and full HD streaming. This plan allows viewing on two compatible devices at once.
  • Standard plan: This plan offers ad-free movies and TV shows, access to unlimited mobile games, streaming in Full HD, downloading content on two devices at once, and the option to add an additional subscriber. It is available with the option to add additional subscribers for an additional monthly cost.
  • Premium plan: The Netflix Premium plan provides access to movies, TV shows, and mobile games without ads, streaming in Ultra HD, downloading content on up to six devices at once, the option to add up to two additional subscribers, and Netflix spatial audio. This plan has the ability to add additional subscribers for an additional monthly fee.

Netflix has revived the classic Minesweeper game for its mobile subscribers. This new version maintains the original challenge of clearing a minefield without detonating bombs and offers improvements to gameplay and graphics.

The original Minesweeper game is changing its format and Netflix is ​​giving it a more modern experience. (Netflix)

Netflix’s Minesweeper is available on iOS and Android platforms and features a visually appealing interface with scenarios that go beyond the traditional grey box.Players can explore popular locations such as Hawaii, Japan, and Australia.

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In addition to improved graphics, Netflix has incorporated features that improve the user experience. Players can enjoy multiple difficulty levels and collect stamps, stickers, and virtual decals as they progress through the game.

Another notable feature is the auto-save function, which allows players to pause and resume games at any time without losing their progress. This feature was never present in the original version and is adapted to the current pace of play, where users access it informally and must pause the game at some point.

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