Netflix is ​​canceling one of its most popular subscription plans

Netflix is ​​probably the most popular movie and series streaming service in the world, and although the competition has become strong and the range of options has multiplied depending on the prices or the content catalog that users are looking for, the American company continues to be a benchmark in this sector. .

Company He was a pioneer in ending shared passwordsThis is a very common phenomenon among this type of platform, where the same account and payment are shared between multiple users. At the time, it was a scandal and many predicted the end of Netflix, since they were offered as an alternative It was a cheaper subscription, but it had ads.

Many were skeptical, but time proved the American company right It's no longer just a matter of your competitors doing the same thingBut currently Netflix's ad-supported plan makes up 40% of all subscriptions In markets with advertisers.

But now the company wanted to go one step further, and Starting in the US, Canada and UK, the Standard plan (€12.99 per month) will be cancelled. Which does not show ads. The fact is that the company began to withdraw this plan in the summer, so that new subscribers stopped using it as an option, choosing between Standard with ads and Premium (17.99 euros per month).

The next step, the company explains in the letter to investors dated January 23, is to withdraw the Standard plan in some countries where it has advertisers, starting with Canada and the UK in the second quarter of this year, and going from there. .

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The company explained: “We seek to offer a range of prices and plans to meet a wide range of needs, which include very competitive initial prices,” explaining that they can reach Ask users to “pay a little more” as they invest in and improve the platform “To reflect those improvements.”

Likewise, they highlighted the success they consider to be the measures taken against account sharing; Features such as profile transfer or additional members were, according to the company, “highly in demand” and pay-per-participation is now the center of its business.

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