Netflix is ​​betting on cloud development to create video games that adapt to TV and PC

Netflix continues to expand its cloud video game streaming service by developing titles that it promises will be “creatively different” from the mobile games the company has released to date. These new games will be specially designed to fit TV and computer screens.

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The streaming platform began venturing into the world of video games in 2021, when it brought two titles in the Stranger Things series to mobile devices. Since then, its catalog has been increased and It currently offers a total of 77 video games.

However, Netflix is ​​not limited to smartphone games. In August 2022, he announced the creation of a cloud game streaming platform through his LinkedIn profile, where various job offers related to this project were posted.

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Beta testing of cloud gaming for TVs, Windows PCs and Mac began in August of this year in Canada and the UK, with games such as Oxenfree and Molehew’s Mining Adventure. In October, the company expanded beta testing to include users in the United States.

In addition to testing on TV and PC, Netflix has launched the app Netflix app console for iPhone and iPad users, Which acts as a video game console and allows you to play on TVs using a Netflix account.

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The company focuses on developing new titles tailored to the gaming experience on TVs and PCs through its video game streaming platform.

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The goal is to offer a variety of games that adapt to user preferences, whether on smartphones, TVs or computers.

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Leanne Loombe, director of external gaming at Netflix, said the company sees an opportunity in the cloud to create gaming experiences that seamlessly integrate with Netflix on your TV screen.

Lumby also noted that the platform change will take place as Netflix expands its cloud service to more regions and offers more games. These games will differ creatively from the mobile games the company is currently developing and will require a controller rather than a touchscreen to play.

Although some games will be available on both mobile devices, TVs, and PCs via the cloud, There will be games exclusive to the TV experience.

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Netflix will also make sure to recommend games based on the platform they can be played on, avoiding inappropriate recommendations based on user devices.

Netflix is ​​doing well in terms of the number of players currently using the platform’s games, Lumby said. As the service expands over time, it is expected that more members will join the gaming experience, which is of interest to the company.

A study conducted by Apptopia revealed that currently less than one percent of Netflix subscribers worldwide use the video game service on a daily basis. However, as of September 2023, Netflix games have been downloaded approximately 70.5 million times worldwide.

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