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maybe You might think that working at Netflix is ​​usually very difficultI am not referring to the difficulty or complexity of the responsibilities in the company, but to the high efficiency of working with them.

But come on, with the right information and a little luck, you can land a job opening within a live streaming company. Here we have ways to check job openings and how you can submit an official application.

How to discover job openings at Netflix

Netflix has an extensive catalog of offices, so it can Responsible for providing high quality service. In these cases, the search for talent does not stop, but it is important to note in detail whether our professional profile is adequately adapted to the vacancy for which we are applying.

To do this, what we must do is Go to the official Netflix website. Then we can click on this connectionwhich will put us directly on the “Careers“From Netflix, which in Spanish translates to ‘CareersThere, available vacancies will appear immediately.

Working at Netflix

As we see on the screen we will see different working options. The thing to highlight is that we can Select the country or region we are in to see available job openings. Another thing we can also see is the possibility of fully remote working.

We can’t miss the search bar either. Netflixwhich is the option it offers Possibility of writing a keyword To give more precision to the function we are looking for.

On the left side too We can see the areas in which they provide work. It is the one that can be seen with the naked eye.”Advertising“”Communications“”design“”Customer service“, among many other things… And even at the bottom we can see the sites where we can search for a specific job, and see options like”Remote, USA“”Mexico City” And “London, United Kingdom“.

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Be careful, alternatives They vary because they need employees in different departments. When we find the option that suits our CV, we can click on the job offer and we will see a button on the right of the screen with the word “Apply now“.

I work at Netflix

I work at Netflix

on the previous screen We choose for this example position of “Creative Marketing Partnerships Manager – Creative Producer“The position is vacant in”Los Angeles CaliforniaLooking in detail we will see titles such as “the opportunity“Where the expectations to be met in the position are explained. Another text says”paper“, which consists of explaining the tasks and role that we will cover in the company.

Knowing all this, just We will have to adapt our profile so that it stands out among others. Be careful, we must be completely transparent about our skills, this way we will gain trust if they give us the job, this way we will perform our skills according to the expectations they have from us.

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