Netflix has the best apocalypse movie with Nicolas Cage. Raised $183 Million

The Films apocalyptic It was one of the ways that Hollywood I was able to raise more money through cinema; However, as with horror movies, many of them fall into the same cliches. Few of them break out of the mold and try to show off something new. This is what happens withomen‘, located in Netflix.

starring in this production Nicholas cage With a budget of $ 50 million, it managed to collect more than three times what it cost, which at the international box office and sales took at least 183 million 593 thousand 586 dollars at the international box office.

This movie was the most popular movie of 2009 and was below other modern classics like “guards“, “Do you want to become a millionaire?” (Slumdog Millionaire) LLC”diligent search(taken), although it was higher than other products such astwilight(Twilight), “The Dark Knight” (The Dark Knight) y “Monsters vs Aliens”.

Despite the critical direction, this work led by the director was not favored. Alex Proyas, who was also responsible for presenting “El Cuervo” in 1994, presents some very interesting elements to viewers that may be more modern today.

The film was released in 2009. Photo: Private

data sheet

Original title: “knowledge”.

Period: 121 minutes.

nation: United States / United Kingdom.

Director: Alex Proyas.

Available In Spanish, Portuguese and English.

income 50 million dollars.

Collection 183 million 593 thousand 586 dollars.

distribution: Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne, Lara Robinson, Nadia Townsend, Ben Mendelsohn, Alan Hopgood, Adrian Pickering.

What is this Netflix movie about?

omen“never b Lucinda, a little girl starts frantically writing different numbers on a sheet of paper. This practice displeases the young girl’s classmates, who often tease her very much.

The page written by the girl is placed with several characters from other minors in a capsule subordinate weather It will be discovered 50 years in the future so that students at that time can learn the way their ancestors envisioned the future.

In the present in which this story is taking place, caleb explain it Chandler Canterbury He is one of those chosen to read Lucinda’s letter. However, he does not understand the intention of putting these numbers on the page.

John koestler (Nicholas cageHe is a professor of astrophysics and a father caleb, discovers that the numbers on the papers correspond to the many disasters, accidents, attacks, and calamities that humanity has faced over the past five decades.

Although he doubted it at first GuideLittle by little he learns that these events are connected to reality. The problem with that is that the numbers were finalized early.

Why are you watching it?

While it is not the best Movie What’s in a programThe approach to the story is interesting, because it calls into question how the apocalypse happened, accidentally and without the possibility of facing it.

In addition, there is a file Date High school Where supernatural beings appear to haunt the heroes with undefined intentions.

The suspended, the use of science and production as well as the result are aspects that must be taken into account in this production, which although they are not worth Oscar, entertains and satisfies audiences who expect to see a light film, but with the meaning deep.

The quote speaks of the imminent destruction of humanity.

Bad About the Tape (Spoiler Alert)

If you haven’t seen a file MovieWe recommend that you take a look at it and come back later. The most experienced in cinema or viewers More picky people will find that there are at least two Scenario Seriously prevent this tape from being a more grainy rendition.

The first of these is that Aliens Ultimately they say that they pass on their message to the elect; However, knowing the exact date the world will end, it doesn’t make sense for them to call Lucinda, because she will not live for the journey.

There is no reason why Aliens Report on disasters It will happen, because it cannot be prevented, nor is it beneficial to the people who choose to go with them on the ship, so this situation can be considered a waste of time in listing other things.

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