Korea denounces the possibility of postponing the elections in Ecuador

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on Friday during an interview with RT criticized the position regarding the possible postponement of the elections on February 7, denouncing that these attempts aimed at preventing Correismo from returning to power.

“Once elections are held, The change of day and time of nullity causes“The former president announced, reminding that the country’s constitution stipulates that Andean deputies must be elected“ simultaneously ”with the presidential and National Assembly legislatures.

According to Correa, all the polls show that the Hope Union “is at the top of the electoral preferences.” According to the former president, most opinion polls indicate that this solution is “within tenths of wins in one round.”

“Winning one round in Ecuador requires more than 40% of the vote and more than 10% of the difference with the candidate next to us. We are very close to that [El Gobierno actual] He is desperate. We warn the world that they are capable of anythingCorrea confirmed, noting that the government may even suspend the elections under any pretext.

“Everyone, the entire political class that has been partners with the government, the government, the media, the power group,” declared Correa “want to prevent Korismo from returning to power.” “They know that we are the only option that really represents the vast majority,” he said.

Regarding complaints about the delay in allocating resources to voting abroad, Correa declared that the February 7 elections are “Worst organized election” In the history of Ecuador. People don’t know where to vote. Electoral councils were not organized. “The situation is really tremendous,” the former president said. “We have a huge advantage thus You want Reducing the voluntary vote and Achieve the lowest possible participation to harm us“Correa confirmed.

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🔷 UNES certifies the admission of the Progressive Force in the elections in Ecuador

In the electionsScheduled for next February 7, the president and vice president of the state, as well as the deputies of the National Assembly, will be elected.

Irregularities in the electoral process received many criticism from the various political forces. And the presidential candidate, Andres Arause, had confirmed earlier that excluding the Andean Parliament vote could lead to a possible nullification of the elections and announced possible legal measures.

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