Netflix announces more changes and plans to eliminate its cheapest ad-free plan in some countries

Continuous increases in subscription prices Netflix It does not seem to affect the platform's performance, as it added more than 13 million additional subscribers in the last three months of last year 2023. This brings the total number of subscribers around the world to a huge number. 260.28 millionSo changes are coming and they are important.

The cheapest ad-free plan will be excluded from the offer

The first official announcement, which does not mean it will be the last, is just that The cheapest subscription among subscriptions that does not include ads will be cancelled. It is currently priced at €12.99 per month, and is expected to disappear from offer between April and June. This means that there will only be two alternatives, leaving the higher cost option without ads, which currently costs 17.99 euros in our country, while the cheaper option, which currently costs 5.49 euros per month, will also remain available.

For now, Netflix has confirmed that these changes will only apply in Canada and the UK, although it may be a matter of time before they reach other regions.

What's coming to Netflix in 2024?

This week we learned that the biggest hit in terms of viewing hours in Netflix history will return in 2024 for its second season. Of course we are talking about “Squid Game”the Korean series that has garnered no less than 1.65 billion viewing hours by the platform’s subscribers since its premiere in 2021. But it is not the only successful production that we will enjoy in the coming months, as it is also scheduled to premiere as Rebel Al-Qamar 2′, The last season of “Weird things”The new movie of the Russo brothers, “Electricity State”also “the girl”with Millie Bobby Brown (once a Stranger Things star) as the fictional heroine.

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