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WhatsApp It has added new features that are very useful for users in its latest version. For example, You now have over 20 new emojis to use in your conversations or reply to messages your friends leave you. These include a mushroom icon, a lemon fruit, a “yes” and “no” face, a broken chain, and others. But we also use artificial intelligence to pinpoint the location of the chat. Can you now change the color of the entire platform?

While we wait for the remaster to be released in WhatsAppThere Simple trick To get “Pink Mode” in the app. How can you achieve this result? It is important to clarify that it is not necessary to download any strange or illegal application. For everything to work, you just have to follow the steps literally.

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To perform this trick, it is necessary to get a program from Google Play that will also help you change the style of your icons and interface.

How to activate pink mode on WhatsApp

  • The first thing is to go to Google Play and download the Nova Launcher app.
  • With Nova Launcher, you can give your entire smartphone screen a new style.
  • When you have it, just open the app and everything will be adjusted.
  • You should set it as default to achieve the color changing goal.
  • Now simply search for an image in your favorite browser of the pink WhatsApp icon.
  • Remember, it's best to be PNG and transparent.
  • Once you have it, click on the WhatsApp icon and click on Edit.
  • There, tap Apps, then Photos, and find the logo you downloaded earlier.
  • Select its new size and appearance, and now click Done.
  • From that moment on, the WhatsApp icon will change to pink.
  • You can also adjust the background tone of your conversations so that you have a more consistent pastel tone.
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How to know if your WhatsApp backup is not free

  • The first thing you should do is go to WhatsApp settings.
  • Then go to chats.
  • At that time go to backup.
  • You will see how long the backup takes.
  • Google Drive only gives you 15GB for WhatsApp backup absolutely free.
  • If you exceed full weight, it will start charging you a subscription fee, if you wish.
  • You can check your Google Drive folder if a file called WhatsApp appears.
  • You can also see how much space you have left at the moment.
  • It is best to make a WhatsApp backup without adding photos or videos.

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