Net migration in the UK will fall by 10% in 2023

London, May 23 (EFE). – Net migration in the United Kingdom, which is calculated between foreigners who came to the country to live and those who left, reached 686 thousand people in 2023, representing a 10% decrease compared to 686 thousand people. In 2023. The previous year, according to data released on Thursday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Immigration will be one of the key areas in the upcoming election on July 4, called by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has tightened visa requirements and approved a plan to deport migrants to Rwanda who entered illegally.

However, these figures – which take into account people who have been in the country for a long time to differentiate them from tourists – are provisional, as the Office for National Statistics will review them in the coming months.

An estimated 1,218,000 people entered the UK during the year to the end of December 2023, while 532,000 left the country in the same period.

This compares with the 1,257,000 million who entered the country in 2022 and the 493,000 who left.

The increase in the number of people leaving the country in 2023 was driven by EU citizens, especially those who initially entered on student visas. Evie


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