FECAVA and FVE applaud the new EU regulations on the care and identification of dogs and cats

This initiative launched by the European Union, which the veterinary profession has been waiting for for decades, represents a milestone in the protection of pets.

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The Federation of European Veterinary Associations for Companion Animals (FECAVA) and the Federation of European Veterinarians (FVE) have expressed their support for the European Commission’s latest proposal aimed at improving the welfare and traceability of dogs and cats in the EU. This initiative, which the veterinary profession has been awaiting for decades, represents an important milestone in the field of pet protection.

The legislative proposal addresses the urgent need for uniform regulations across all Member States, especially with regard to the breeding, trade and conservation of these animals. In recent years, demand for dogs and cats has increased dramatically, especially during the pandemic, highlighting significant gaps in animal welfare standards in the EU. Differences in regulations between member states have led to the growth of illegal trade practices, raising serious concerns about the welfare of these animals.

Main points of the proposal:

  • Mandatory identification and registration: The proposal ensures that all dogs and cats can be identified and traced, a crucial measure for effective monitoring and combating the illegal trade.
  • Harmonized Standards: Establishing minimum animal welfare standards and harmonized rules for breeding and marketing will greatly improve the welfare of pets.
  • Regulating online trade: Measures will be taken to regulate online trade in pets, requiring sellers to provide identification and registration information.
  • Preventive veterinary care: The proposal emphasizes the importance of preventive health measures, including regular veterinary visits and record keeping, to ensure the safety of animals in commercial establishments.
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Among the areas of improvement proposed by FECAVA and FVE, the following stand out:

  • Scaling Up: Recommending modifications to ensure that all dogs and cats, regardless of the size of the breeding facility, receive adequate protection.
  • Universal identification and registration: Advocate for mandatory identification and registration of all cats and dogs, not just those marketed for financial gain.
  • Ban on sales in pet stores: Advocating for a ban on the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores due to concerns about their welfare and socialization.
  • Extending the ban on mutilation operations: Urging that the ban on mutilation operations include all workers and types of mutilation, with exceptions only allowed for justified medical reasons.
  • Shelter Management: We recommend that animals should not be allowed to be kept in shelters, and that euthanasia should only be decided and carried out by a veterinarian.

Complete analysis

FECAVA and FVE published a Detailed analysis On the European Union proposal for the welfare of dogs and cats. The two entities welcome EU efforts to improve the welfare of dogs and cats and address the challenges of the pet trade. By supporting improvements to the proposed regulation and strengthening measures to protect the welfare of pets, these veterinary organizations seek to contribute to a more humane and responsible approach to animal care across the European Union.

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