NASA warns of a “cannibal” solar storm that could affect communications on Earth

the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (a pot) Beware of a The “cannibal” solar storm. Which could be felt more on December 1st and could affect communications on the planet.

He explained in detail that up to four coronal mass ejections (Continuing medical education(According to its abbreviation in English) that the sun falls this week, they travel in the direction Land The strongest was on Tuesday, November 28, which reached a Class M9.8That is, he was only two tenths away from thinking about the most powerful object ever, X. They all come from sunspots known as AR3500.

According to the agency, that’s why he will be there Communication problems By short radio waves in some areas of the South Pacific Ocean. However, it will reach its peak during December 1st. It is estimated that energy travels at a speed of 800 kilometers per second and can cause impact Northern lights Much further south than usual.

according to a potThe solar storm will have enough potential to cause difficulties in controlling electrical networks and fluctuations in the supply of this type of energy. Satellites orbiting the Earth could also be affected, media outlet El Confidencial reported.

“The Earth has a natural defensive shield, which is our shield,” El Mundo explained magnetic fieldwhich converts this Electric wind Towards the poles. In fact, according to NASA, It is not harmful to humans“.

It is considered The “cannibal” solar storm. Its extraordinary power, resulting from four coronal mass ejections in the star that gives us light and heat. In addition, it is moving at a higher speed than the Sun previously launched into space, so it is able to catch up. When this happens, it engulfs them, forming a single glow.

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NASA has described these explosions as “powerful” and they all come from Earth Sunspots AR3500.

The last of these phenomena occurred in Mid-July 2023. Its origin was sunspot AR3370 and had no serious consequences on Earth, although it was felt in several places.

“Our star is approaching the ‘solar maximum’ of its 11-year cycle, which will reach the beginning of 2025, according to experts. Therefore, it is expected that this type of episode will be repeated with more events,” El Confidencial newspaper reported. And more perseverance in the coming months.

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