Guterres to world leaders: “Only you can cure climate change”

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has defined climate change as a “disease” that only “international leaders” can cure.

Thus, Guterres began his speech at the opening of the Global Climate Action Summit, which some people attended 40 heads of state and heads of government from about 170 countries around the world, Within the framework of the Twenty-Eighth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The Secretary-General has stated that the effects of climate change, such as melting ice in Antarctica or ice in Nepal, landslides, floods or rising sea levels, are “symptoms of a disease”. He said: “A disease that only you, world leaders, can cure.”

In a positive message He defended that “it is not too late” and that it is possible to prevent planetary catastrophe, Because the technologies exist to make it happen and avoid the “worst climate chaos” if we act now.

“We need leadership, cooperation and political will to act, and we need it now,” the UN Secretary-General urged. He expressed his regret from Dubai that “bombs are ringing again in Gaza.”

However, in the face of this “climate chaos”, he defended that climate action can change this trend and that renewable energies are “good” for the planet, health and economy to meet the growing demand for energy and connect millions of people to the world. Affordable electricity. “Renewable energy has never been cheaper,” he noted.

In his prescription, Guterres believes that there is a “cure” against climate change if action is taken in three areas: through a radical reduction in emissions, because current policies will lead to an increase in global temperature by 3 degrees Celsius, which may lead to higher temperatures. global increase by 3 degrees Celsius. He urged countries to increase their nationally determined contributions in line with the 1.5°C target.

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Specifically, the Secretary-General urged the G20 countries, responsible for 80% of global emissions, to lead the acceleration of the timeline to achieve the net-zero emissions target, “as soon as possible”, to be possible in 2040 in developed countries and in 2050 in economies. Emerging.

And so is the Secretary-General He called for stopping the burning of fossil fuels and accelerating the appropriate transition to renewable energies because “the science is clear.”. It has therefore influenced the International Energy Agency’s prognosis of tripling renewable energy sources between now and 2030 and doubling energy efficiency.

“The global shift to renewable energy sources is inevitable. The only question is how much heat will our planet experience before that happens?”Guterres warned, calling on leaders of fossil fuel companies “not to languish in an outdated business model” and to move “rapidly” to renewable energy sources using the resources they have now. “Don’t make mistakes,” he implores them.

Likewise, he has advocated that the path to sustainability is “the only viable path” for future economies and businesses to be sustainable, and asked those in charge of governments to “help” industries make the right decisions through regulation. With legislation, setting fair prices on carbon and ending subsidies and subsidies for fossil fuels.

In third place, He urged the promotion of climate justice in the long term, Because developing countries are being “destroyed” by disasters they did not cause. Therefore, he believes that adequate financial support must be provided at the global level, including adaptation funds and the Loss and Damage Fund, and support for multilateral bank reform to ensure the security of citizens.

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Ultimately, Guterres wants the most advanced countries to show at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) how they can double adaptation financing and how they will deliver on their financing promises.

“Protecting our climate is the world’s best test of leadership. I invite you to live. Faith in humanity exists in balance. Make this COP serve. Make this COP a game-changer. Make this COP renew hope for the future of humanity,” he concluded.

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