NASA is postponing a creative helicopter flight on Mars

After announcing that Sunday, April 11, NASA I will try to do The first trip From Helicoptero ingenuityThe space agency stated that the mission will be postponed until Next Wednesday April 14th.

This is because during the high-speed rotation test of the rotors last Friday, the command sequence controlling the test terminated prematurely due to the expiration of the “watch” timer. This happened while trying to switch the flight computer from “pre-flight” to “in-flight” mode.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Creative Helicopter is in excellent condition. In addition, it has relocated the entire telemetry assembly to the ground.

The monitoring timer monitors the script and alerts the system of any potential problems. It also helps the system to stop so you can stay safe if you encounter a problem and it works as planned.

The helicopter team is reviewing telemetry data to diagnose and understand a larger problem. If not, the speed test can be rescheduled.

With information from NASA.

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