Music in Mallorca | Sawasi is going on tour with his new album

The band will tour the island, Catalonia and Valencia this summer, and in October will make the jump to British soil

Tour of the Mallorcan group’s latest album obsessive He will visit several cities in Spain and will even travel to the UK. The LP, Peces d’Anticuari (RGB Suports), will ring through the streets Cities and municipalities of Majorca During August and soon, in July and August, this will be done in various festivals Catalonia and Valencia. will be on October when you will travel to uk To revive a concert in a hall on London’s legendary Denmark Street.

The musical group consists of Bib Swasi, with vocals and guitars. Mark Grasas, who plays guitar and sings; Guillem Cerda on bass; Bernat Co. on drums, and Joan Tony “Scarabat” on keyboard and guitar. With their fifth and final album, released this past March, the artists have found success Musical evolutionin such a way that they create a mixture of American folk sounds with synthesized textures and touches of noise.

During the months following the release of the album, Sowasey had already visited 10 municipalities on the island in the “360” format of the concerts. This original way of playing their songs takes place at street level, without a stage and venue The audience surrounds the group, and it gets closer. This odd proposal will continue to be seen during the month of August in Valldemossa, Moro or Arta, although more places will be announced soon.

In addition, the group is part of the list of various festivals: on July 22 they travel to Alicante to participate in the festival Mudrava Rock Along with Smoking Souls and Kela, the following July 27, they play at Tempo’s 15th Anniversary, festival. Barry Philin Girona and, finally, on August 6, they will perform at the Begor Music Festival on the Costa Brava.

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On the other hand, the group’s outward projection reaches far beyond Spain. Thanks to the collaboration with promoter Pecan Pie, on October 20, the musicians will travel together to the UK to perform at The Lower Third, a room located on London’s famous Denmark Streetthe heart of much British music.

he white audience You will be able to enjoy the songs from the album Peces d’Anticuari. In addition to the Mallorcan troupe, on the London stage Danny & The Champions of The World and The Dreaming Spiers will also perform.

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