Hamilton mascot? Shakira was at the British Grand Prix, where the Formula One driver was on the podium

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Shakira arrived in England on Friday, Just the same weekend as the Formula 1 British Grand Prix; However, he was not seen at Silverstone Circuit on the same day or Saturday, during practice and qualifying for the race.

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Indeed, it was suspected that he would have actually attended the event, for he did not explain why he had traveled to England until Saturday. In a post on his Instagram account He said he was making music with producer David Stewart. “In London working with David Stewart on what could be my next single,” Barranquillara wrote on the social network, where she shared a photo with Stewart.

But this Sunday, as I have done twice this year, He returned to the track to apparently accompany Lewis Hamilton, this time in his home race.

He has already given clues. She posted an Instagram story and a Twitter video with a friend in a car that arrived at Silverstone: “Siren alert! Mermaids are on their way to Formula 1! “ And then, the official Formula 1 broadcast, hold it in the ring Enjoy racingbut before that she was a guest on garage for the American team Haas.

All time He was looking confident and smiling Along with other attendees of the sporting event.

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How could it not be Hamilton Supposedly, according to the tabloids, he had an affair with him, Once again he achieved one of his best results so far this season: he climbed to third place on the podium, Behind the unbeatable Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and compatriot Lando Norris (McLaren). Did the Colombian become the lucky charm of the British pilot?

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That is, by chance, When Shakira attended Formula 1 to accompany Hamilton, the seven-time world champion reached the podium.

on June 4th During the Spanish Grand Prix contested on the ring Barcelona, ​​the Mercedes driver, finished second, while Shakira accompanied him garage from mercedes.

Since that day the media They haven’t stopped talking about a possible relationship between the two Since then, after the sporting event, They were seen having dinner at an exclusive restaurant in the Catalan capital and then partying at a club With many of the pilot’s friends, including Brazilian soccer player Neymar.

Before they were also seen together in Miami, United States, after the Grand Prix held in that city which was also attended by the Colombian. However, during the event, he was seen accompanied by his two children, Milan and Sasha. And the actor Tom Cruise.

days after the race Hamilton and Shakira shared a day at the sea doing water sports. In the photos released by the paparazzi, the pilot was seen to be very chivalrous with the singer.

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People magazine, famous for tracking celebrities, confirmed this two weeks ago Sources close to the couple They talked about it and confirmed that they are in the initial stage of their relationship.

One of the sources confirmed to the publication that The singer and Formula 1 driver keep it fun and fun while spending time together, Because they are in the stage of getting to know each other.” People, however;

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