Most children in Gaza suffer from severe food poverty

In a report on the sector around the world, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned that “months of hostilities and restrictions on humanitarian aid have led to the collapse of food and health systems, with catastrophic consequences for children and their families.”

He stressed that the numbers show the terrible impact of the conflict in this coastal sector and the Israeli restrictions on the ability of families to meet the nutritional needs of minors.

Last month, Adele Khader, UNICEF’s regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, warned that humanitarian operations, on which the survival of all Gazans depend, were threatened by escalating attacks by Israeli armed forces.

Civilians, already exhausted, malnourished and victims of countless traumas, were now more at risk of being killed, injured or displaced within their devastated communities, the official criticized at the time.

He stressed that the attack on the southern city of Rafah and other areas of the coastal strip exacerbated the suffering of hundreds of thousands of children, who have turned into a nightmare since October 7.

He added: “It is necessary to silence the weapons and respect the rights of children in Gaza. Victims of unimaginable atrocities, they deserve an immediate ceasefire and a chance to live in peace.”


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