Alan Wake 2 confirms its participation in Summer Game Fest to introduce new DLC

The Summer Games Festival promises to bring many surprises and everything points to Alan Wake 2 being one of them

A while ago, we already mentioned that DLC for Alan Wake 2 might appear at Summer Game Fest, but now it’s the developer itself that He confirmed his participation in this event. Or at least, the one that says players should prepare for June 7, which is exactly the day Geoff Keighley is being introduced. Of course, there is great news coming for people who have been waiting for Night Springs to arrive.

Remedy has been one of the most anticipated games since the release of the writer’s first work of art. However, this time you have control of two heroes, so the game offers you two completely different perspectives, which suits the game well and therefore, is also something Users enjoyed it very much. The launch of this sequel was successful and was nominated for Game of the Year at the Game Awards.

Alan Wake 2 is gearing up for its arrival at Summer Game Fest

This information is official, in fact it comes directly from the official Twitter account Alan Wake. Although it doesn’t explicitly mention Summer Game Fest, it does mention the date the event will be held on, so everything fits together perfectly. If all goes as it should, the first and long-awaited DLC for Alan Wake 2 will be released It will be shown tomorrowso it’s undoubtedly great news for all the people who continue to enjoy the game.

This year is one of the best years in terms of releases and games, as developers offer original gems that do not go unnoticed by players and that is why upcoming events are eagerly awaited. Summer Game Fest and Xbox Games Showcase are two of them They have more expectations No wonder, we will see what happens in the coming days, but everything seems to indicate that there will be big surprises.

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If you want to know All the events yet to comeHere’s a list of everything that’s on this week. Don’t hesitate to take a look because the number of presentations you can try in the coming days is enormous. Now you know, if you are interested in this world, you are in the best months to enjoy everything that is coming.

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