Morena MPs denounce celebrities for anti-Maya train campaign

Federal deputies from Morena announced, Thursday, that they have filed a complaint with the National Electoral Institute (INE) against celebrities promoting the campaign. #SavemeFromTheTrainindicating the potential environmental damage caused by the construction of the Mayan train.

Led by legislator Alejandro Carvajal, Morinos accuse #SélvameDelTren of representing “black campaign”. For this reason, they are asking the National Institute of Statistics to activate a special procedure for sanctions and to stop videos broadcast by celebrities such as Actor Eugenio Derbez, singers Natalia Laforcade and Ruben Albaran.

Morena MPs who are also critical of the gate Latin, claims that the promo #SélvameDelTren is in violation of the law because it is propaganda in electronic media that is hired by individuals. They also complain that their ads are being published in the context of the process of revoking the term of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“The National Electoral Institute must immediately order the cancellation of any propaganda and the initiation of the appropriate process,” they said in a statement.

The complaint requests removal of propaganda content in the media against the person who will be subject to revocation of the authorization; Refrain from uttering any words of the accused against him; In addition to applying the corresponding penalties to violators.

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The #SélvameDelTren campaign started going viral last week. However, public figures are asking the government to stop the Mayan train works that could cause environmental damage in the southeastern states of the country.

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When asked about it, Lopez Obrador dismissed the allegations. He denied that the Mayan train had a negative impact on the environment and accused those who criticize the work of being “environmentalists”.

This week, Lopez Obrador’s government also responded to criticism of the Maya train with another campaign, It’s called “Get on the train.”.

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