Morelia Zoo has measures in place to promote animal health and well-being

Morelia, Michigan, September 16, 2023.- The Benito Juarez Park is reclaiming the splendor of past decades and once again returning to the list of major zoos in Mexico, with the support of the government of Alfredo Ramírez Pedulla.

Through various agencies, the Morelia Zoo has received resources to rehabilitate more than 30 shelters, which have not received attention for at least three decades. Natural design is incorporated into the enclosures consisting of substrates and environments appropriate to the needs of each species.

Major structural works have been carried out by the Department with the Secretariat of Public Works (SCOP) and the Secretariat of Urban Development and Mobility (Sedum), such as the redesign of the facade, which is in its first phase, the introduction of drainage, the renewal of electrical power installations and the rehabilitation of the leveled walkways to facilitate walking for visitors.

The attractions are joined by talks on environmental enrichment, displays of activities with different types, exhibitions and workshops, which promote biodiversity conservation through tools such as environmental education, science, research, training and publishing.

Likewise, various actions to support the conservation of the species are promoted, with related contributions to the Mexican Wolf and Pronghorn Conservation Programme.

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