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The Institute of Biotechnology (IBt) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), based in Cuernavaca, is overseeing a project in which minors feel attracted or encouraged to science by means of a three-dimensional microscope; Three institutes are participating, said researcher Christopher Wood, and back in the classroom will seek to transfer them to schools.

The project called “Educascope” aims to manufacture low-cost 3D-printed microscopes in order to take them to schools where children can explore various living and non-living things, who are curious to learn more about science and research.

“Microscopes are an ideal tool that captures the attention of children and the general public. Four years ago we acquired a printer and then design students modified it at a very low cost, making it available,” explained the head of the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory. IPT.

Printing requires an investment of 200 to 500 pesos, barely 10 percent of the cost of a real microscope, the researcher said, adding that in addition to stimulating interest in science, it also serves to support researchers in projects that require material. Like graphics.

Currently, the Faculty of Design and the Applied Science Research Center of the Autonomous University of Morelos State (UAEM) will collaborate. “We conducted beta testing in 25 schools,” but deriving from the pandemic, in March 2020, the project had to be discontinued.

The project was recently awarded the Government Research Merit Recognition (REMEI) 2020, which was awarded by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Council for Science and Technology to recognize those who devote themselves to the missions of science, research and innovation.

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