Modern Peruvian schools that have an agreement with the UK and Finland

75 schools to be built for bicentennial

The 75 Bicentennial SchoolsOr an initiative announced Ministry of Education (MINEDO) In 2022, they will revolutionize education in Lima and other parts of the country. These modern public schools not only have infrastructure that is resistant to natural hazards and environmental sustainability standards, but also provide comfortable and inclusive learning spaces, benefiting 118,000 students in 21 districts of the capital Lima and 9 additional districts.

What makes these bicentennial schools even more innovative is their recent agreement with Finland and Great Britain, two countries known worldwide for their advanced education systems. Thanks to these agreements, Finnish and British educational methodologies will be applied in these new centers, providing students with a unique and high-quality training experience.

These schools are designed to integrate early technical disciplines, allowing students to explore areas such as technology, applied sciences, and creative arts.

The President was accompanied by Education Minister Morgan Coiro, who also played a central role in the event. (Bicentennial School)

Bicentenario Schools is an innovative public investment project that aims to change the educational landscape in Peru. This pioneering plan in Education sector, Focuses on renovating school infrastructure according to high quality international standards.

By integrating cutting-edge technology and advanced pedagogical methodologies, these institutions prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

In addition, Bicentenario schools are designed according to sustainability and resilience criteria, creating a safe and stimulating learning environment. Covering 21 areas in the capital Lima and 9 additional areas in the country, this ambitious project seeks not only to improve education, but also to ensure a more promising future for thousands of young Peruvians.

Several bicentennial schools will be ready for the 2024 school year – Andina Credit

There will be 75 schools. 5,100 teachers And offer designs that adapt to different geographical areas: coast, rainy coasts, mountains, frost areas and forests. These constructions have several main characteristics:

  • Resistance to natural hazards: They improve accessibility and resilience to natural events, increasing security in the event of disasters.
  • Build quality: Improve the durability and efficiency of the building envelope, with more sustainable use of the energy, water and utilities needed to maintain it.
  • Integration and Community: They provide wide spaces for group and diverse activities, whether at the school or community level, which enhances the community’s identity and cohesion.
  • Environmental sustainability: It improves site planning, construction orientation and efficient land use to promote environmental sustainability.
  • Educational environments: It includes flexible spaces and comfortable, multi-functional furniture, which improves the internal environment to facilitate learning.
The Bicentennial School of the Latin American Union in La Molina. (Photo: Andina)

In Lima, Bicentenario schools will be located in the following 21 districts:

  • food IE 003406 IE 1209 – Mariscal Toribio de Luzuriaga IE 046 – Victor Raul Haya de la Torre IE 1268 – Gustavo Mohem Luna IE 1255 IE Manuel Gonzalez Prada
  • San Juan de Lurigancho IE 126 – Javier Pérez de Cuéllar IE 100 IE 0139 – Gran Amauta Mariátegui IE Ramiro Prialé Prialé IE 109 – Inca Manco Capac IE 0163 – Colonel Nestor Escudero Otero IE 1179 – Thomas Alva Edison IE 0142 – Martyr Daniel Alcides Carrión IE 0 159 – October 10 IE 0132 – Toribio de Luzuriaga and Mejía IE 0145 – American Independence IE 0171-01 – Juan Velasco Alvarado IE 166 – Karol Wojtyla IE Francisco Bolognese Cervantes
  • Lorigancho IE 126702 IE 1190 – Felipe Huaman Puma de Ayala
  • Augustine IE 0085 – Jose de la Torre Ugarte
  • Santa Anita IE 1221 – Maria Parrado de Bellido
  • Victory IE 1124 – Jose Marti
  • Saint Louis IE 0083 – San Juan Macias
  • No Molina IE 1235 – Latin American Union
  • Olive trees IE Jorge Basadre Grohmann IE 3080 – Peru Canada IE 2096 – Peru Japan
  • Carabello IE 205104 IE 2025 IE 3058 – Our Lady of Fatima IE 8184 – Saint Benedict XVI
  • Saint Martin de Porres IE 2029 – Simon Bolivar IE 2028
  • Breaks IE San Felipe IE 2100 – Juan Velasco Alvarado IE 3065 – Virgen del Carmen
  • independence IE 3049 – The Tahuantinsuyo Empire IE 09 and 3094-1 – J William Fulbright IE 3048 – Santiago Antunes de Mayolo
  • Stone Bridge IE 3088 – Vista Alegre
  • Villa Maria del Triunfo IE Republic of Ecuador IE 6152 – Stella Maris IE Fe and Alegría IE 6011 – Blessed Virgin of Fatima IE Fe and Alegría
  • Salvador villa IE 7228 – Canadian Peruvian IE 6064 – Francisco Bolognesi IE 6048 – Jorge Basadre
  • San Juan de Miraflores IE 7207 – Mariscal Ramon Castilla IE Javier Herod
  • chorillos E6094 – Santa Rosa
  • Santiago de Surco IE 7086 – Precursors IE 6082 – Champions
  • Rimac IE 2099 – Rosa Merino / 0394-1 Rosa Merino
  • Lima Center IE 101 – 166 – Editor Simon Bolivar IE 0035 – Our Lady of the Visitation
Several bicentennial schools will be ready for the 2024 school year – Andina Credit

In different regions of the country, Bicentenario schools will be located in the following locations:

  • Bono / Carabaya / Makosani: I73002 – Majid 821
  • Bono / Huancane / Huancane: Any men?
  • Bono / Azangaro / Azangaro: I am Pedro Vilcabaza
  • Bono / Choquito / Desaguadero: I am Tawantinsuyu
  • Bono/Julie: I telesforo katakura
  • Bono / Youngyo / Youngyo: IE Jose Galvez
  • Jonin / Chewbacca / Chewbacca: Any April 19th
  • Junin / Concepcion / Concepcion: Any July 9th
  • Jonin / Jonin / Jonin: Which is August 6th?
  • Cajamarca / San Marcos / Pedro Galvez: I San Marcos
  • No Libertad / Ascop / Chicama: I am Santo Domingo de Guzman
  • Lambayeque / Verinave / Verinave: I Saint Lucia
  • Cusco / You / You: I Augustine Gamarra
  • Okayali / Father Abbad / Father Abbad: Any Fernando Carvajal
  • Callao / Bellavista: Any General Prado
  • Lima / Barranca / Paramonga: ie 21578
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