It contains two short chapters based on real events and has a horrific plot.

Among the successful series available in the Netflix catalogue, There is a documentary from the UK that has completely taken the streaming platform by storm and placed itself among the most watched films during its release.

It’s about Will you keep a secret? Which is under the supervision of Lisa Williams and is A mini-series consisting of only two episodes, each lasting 50 minutes.It is based on one of the most recent cases in the UK criminal sector, a brutal case of cyberbullying.

The true story tells of a group of 63 women from the UK who were the target of a cybercriminal named Matthew Hardy. Who devoted himself for 11 years to harassing, threatening and destroying the lives of his victims without anyone doing anything to stop it.

Will you keep a secret? It’s inspired by the podcast. guardian Which analyzed the case in depth in 2022 after a long and arduous investigation to find the criminal, with the participation of the police officer who was finally able to arrest him.

Will You Keep a Secret? – Netflix

Will You Keep a Secret? A Shocking Series on Netflix

The topic focuses on what happens when many girls share their personal and professional experiences and relationships via social networks. Which means that one day, they started receiving strange messages from strangers who claimed to know all their details.

After creating a fake account, the stalker pretended to be one of them and contacted someone nearby. This was not a unique case; the stalker posed as friends and created a complex network of fake online accounts, impersonating identities to harass and terrorize victims and their loved ones.

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Trailer for the movie Will You Keep a Secret?

Embed – Will You Keep the Secret? (Season 1) | Trailer in Spanish | Netflix

Will You Keep a Secret? Crew

This documentary features the stories of:

  • Savannah Gracey
  • Serene Kali
  • Amy Pearson
  • Kevin Anderson
  • Stuart Lumb

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