Minsa confirms a variant of California and UK in Panama

Panama maintains epidemiological alert yet The Gorgas Memorial Institute will discover the status of a California variant of SARS-CoV-2, and one of the UK variant, respectively.

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On UK variable status, Leonardo Labrador, the national head of the epidemiology department of the Ministry of Health, explained that this patient is a resident of the Juan Díaz area of ​​the capital, and he does not have a travel record.

While, The case of the Californian alternative It was discovered in a resident patient of the Amelia Denis de Icaza region, who had also not traveled outside the country.

Labrador explained that both patients recovered from the virus, and that the result was the result of the virus sequencing. It is maintained by the Gorgas Memorial Institute and is performed on randomized patients.

Health authorities are conducting verification to reveal how the virus was infected, including whether there has been contact with foreigners.

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The Labrador asserts that the positive is that these are patients who have been captured and recovered and that thanks to the possibility of traceability, biosecurity measures have been maintained to avoid further infection.

at the moment, In Panama, 12 cases of the Brazilian variant have been confirmed, nine with the P1 variant, and three with the P2 variant. Of the total injured, two patients were hospitalized, one of them in the intensive care unit.

As of April 11th, Panama has a total of 348,231 symmetric patients and 358,611 cases accumulated.

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During the past 24 hours, 4 new deaths were recorded, for a total of 6,163 deaths, accumulating 1.7%.

A total of 4,217 cases were reported, 3,740 in home isolation and 477 in hospital, of which 414 were in ward and 63 in intensive care units (ICU).

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