Miguel Herrera asked fans to be patient to see a different style of play in Tigres

Coach Miguel Herrera has asked for patience to see a different style of play in the Tigres (Photo: José Méndez/EFE/File)

After Tigres failed to score Chivas in a goalless draw and fell 1-0 with America, and finally managed to beat Austin 3-1. cat strategist Miguel Herrera, Arrived in the city of Monterrey, where asking for patience طلب So you can see the players playing the games in a more vertical way.

“It’s not easy, all of a sudden You have to be patient because we must understand that they have been playing the same way for many years, but it’s football. You have to play a little more vertically,” he stated louse After landing in Nuevo Leon.

As explained the reasons The lack of goals, which was notorious in the preparatory matches which they objected to in the face of Opening 2021 in the US.

“We had a lot of access in the other two games and We couldn’t decideWe know we’re short on the front two that we have one in competition and the other one can’t get into the United States but okay.”

“The team was good, seeing the players. The team is gaining what we want,” emphasized the strategist, who knows this with the return Andre-Pierre Gignac, Florian Thuven and Carlos Gonzalez, your team will have more chances to score goals.

Miguel Herrera will strive to build a new era in Tigres (Image: Twitter / @TigresOficial)
Miguel Herrera will strive to build a new era in Tigres (Image: Twitter / @TigresOficial)

It should be noted that the coach will receive The highest salary in his football career Meanwhile, he was confirmed as the second most sought-after player in Mexican football.

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The louse will win Three million dollars a year with the Monterey Foundation, according to Goal. With this number, he is only ranked second Javier Aguirre, who earns four million with the Rayados de Monterrey.

This is the highest salary in Miguel Herrera’s career as a club coach since then With America, he earned a maximum of two million dollars a yearOn his return to FC Azulcrima in 2017. Now, the former national coach Signed for the next four short tournaments with Tigres, That is, until the close of 2023.

His career on the bench Started in 2002 with Atlantean Iron Colts and in In 2004 he arrived in Nuevo Leon for the first time to direct Monterrey; Later he went to Veracruz, Tecos, America and the Mexican national team.

Herrera became the seventh coach in history He leads the two royal clubs After the Peruvian Claudio Lustano and the Mexicans cOzzy Gomez, Mario Perez, Francisco Avellan, Miguel Mejia Barron and Victor Manuel Vucic.

El Piojo is proud of its over 15 years of experience Two League and Cup titles and a Champions League title, They all won with America, where he was one of the most winning coaches (tied with Jorge Vieira and Raul Cardenas). At the national level, he won the 2015 Gold Cup.

Miguel Herrera awaits the arrival of Gignac and Tigres' top striker (Image: Twitter / @TigresOficial)
Miguel Herrera awaits the arrival of Gignac and Tigres’ top striker (Image: Twitter / @TigresOficial)

But one of her strongest arguments is the final stages: He qualified for the league in two of the three tournaments he managed, She reached 12 in a row and in the last eight reached the semi-finals at least six times.

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“We come to a team where there is no crisis, Where things went well in the contract. I came to do a different time, It’s a new era, “We want (Tigris) to continue to be successful,” Herrera said at his first conference as a cat trainer.

his coming Coincides with a clean set of coaching staff and staff that Tigres raised to rebuild the team from the 2021 Apertura Championship From the hands of Mauricio Colebro, the current Vice President of the team who arrived from America.

Miguel Herrera’s coaching staff consists of the assistants: Oscar Escobar and Alvaro Galindo, physical trainers Jose Rangel and Giber Becerra, as well as goalkeeper coach Jose Toroko; All of them were also exported from America.

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