How to watch movies that are not available in your country?

Your Netflix region is determined by the country associated with your IP address. But when you connect to a server in a foreign country, you will have open access to the Netflix library in that region, while hiding content from other libraries.

In the past, it was easier for VPNs to bypass geo-blocking, but Netflix and other popular streaming sites have gotten really tough on geospoofing in recent years. The streaming service now keeps a record of VPN companies’ IP addresses. They can block these IP addresses by comparing them to the list. If they match, they will ban you.

So you can change the Netflix location in any country.

  • Choose a reliable VPN that can unblock Netflix. I recommend ExpressVPN because it is very fast for HD streaming.
  • Install the VPN, choose a server in the same country as the Netflix library you want to access, and click the Connect button.
  • Enter the platform. You will see your new shows and movies right on the home screen.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Netflix?

Netflix places its own geographic restrictions on streaming content based on your current location.

This means that when you open Netflix in the UK, you can access different content than if you were logged into Netflix from the US. Similarly, although Netflix is ​​a US-based company, Netflix US does not have access to all series available in the UK, Germany or Japan.

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