Microsoft Teams is now 100% optimized for Mac Apple Silicon

Microsoft Teams updated to a native Mac app with Apple Silicon

Currently, Microsoft Teams has become one of the favorite tools for communication. Microsoft has found a way to deliver Everything you need for interaction and productivity in one place And now I’ve taken a very big step by optimizing the app for Mac devices with Apple Silicon.

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll be very familiar with Slack, but one of the The best alternatives to this platform It’s Microsoft Teams. Known as a corporate or business team messaging app, its functionalities and features make this app Essential for managing your projects.

The developers have understood the importance it has taken among users and have launched update Lets you work with it efficiently with Macs that have Apple Silicon processors ever since Developed as a native app for macOS.

“We are rolling out a production-level global binary version of Teams, which means it will work locally across a full range of Macs, including those with Apple silicon. For Mac users, this means a significant increase in performance, ensuring efficient resource use. The device and an enhanced Teams experience even when using multiple high-resolution monitors during calls or meetings.

Microsoft is committed to innovation and to the Mac, so we’re excited to bring this to our Mac users. All Mac users will be automatically updated with the latest Teams update. The generally available (GA) version of the native Teams app on Mac with Apple Silicon will be rolling out to customers in increments in the coming months. “

Microsoft Teams for Mac

It was also mentioned that despite the fact that the update affects the performance and proper operation of all Macs with Apple Silicon, this new version will come gradually For all users of different models of Apple computers with their own chips. So, don’t despair and be patient to be able to enjoy these new Microsoft Teams.

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Also, don’t forget that Microsoft Teams is also available with the iOS app Which had a very important update a few months ago where The Walkie-Talkie function has been implemented to improve communication.

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