Mexico in the face of the climate crisis

In this sense, Joseph Biden committed to “rebuilding a better” economic disaster caused by the pandemic with a sustainable approach.

For his part, Boris Johnson announced the start of the “green industrial revolution” in the United Kingdom after seceding from the European Union. What is the reason for this radical transformation? Avoid global temperature exceeding 2 ° C. Otherwise, we would witness an accelerated deterioration of humankind’s well-being without the possibility of reversing the climate impact.

The race towards carbon neutrality is a path that the Mexican government has decided to postpone. The main reason is that Lopez Obrador made an incomplete diagnosis of Mexico’s problems. Focus on economic and social aspects, but ignore climate change and the environment.

The little weight given to this factor is consistent with the perception of the environment as a secondary thing, from minority activity. This omission can be justified because the strongest evidence for time frames for reversing climate change is relatively recent.

Globally, the need to avoid global warming in 2015 was recognized through the Paris Agreement. After two years in government, Lopez Obrador announced that the foundations of the so-called Fourth Transformation were about to end, reversing at least two decades.

However, its transformation would not be sustainable if it did not include a climate perspective, the core of which is financial, political and technological.

Generally speaking, there are two scenarios for a fourth flame transformation. The first is to take to its recent results a model that will lead to economic and social losses based on the promotion of fossil fuels and technologies that will become obsolete in the medium term.

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The outcome of this path will be a disrupted adjustment brought on by the global economic and political order that will force Mexico to venture into a devastating energy transition without planning.

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