Mexicans win international scientific competitions

two Mexican students From the upper secondary stage, they won by obtaining First and second place in two Competencies international Physics and science.

These are students from the Center for Industrial and Service Technological Studies (Cetis) 78 Altamira, Tamaulipas and the Center for Baccalaureate Industrial and Technological Services (CBTIS) 46 in San Luis Potosi.

On the one hand, the young student from Citys 78, Jose Alberto Cortez Martinezwith a Mexican team made up of students from Nuevo León, Michoacán, Jalisco and Tamaulipas, obtained The golden medal In the 2023 8th Central American and Caribbean Physics Olympiad (OCCAF), held in November in Comayagua, Honduras, after obtaining an average of 39 out of 50 points on complex physics problems.

OCCAF 2023 Participate in it Nine countries: Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Peru.

Jose Alberto, who studies the specialty electronicsHe has participated in the state and national Physics Olympiad since 2022.

Probiotics from cabbage

Meanwhile, the second winner was a Mexican student paloma Abigail Torres Aguilon, CBTIS student 46 from San Luis Potosi who placed second in National Science Fair Chile 2023held in November in Santiago, with the project Pro-NaturaWhich consists of production Probiotics from cabbage.

Paloma Abigail got First place nationally With his pro-nature project at the 5th National Entrepreneurship Meeting 2022, held by the General Directorate of Industrial Technological Education (DGETI), an award that gave him permission to participate in Expo Ciencias Nacional in Chile 2023, where he competed with students from Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

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