Given the tensions over Essequibo, the UK will deploy the offshore patrol ship HMS Trent to Guyana

The United Kingdom has arranged for its offshore patrol ship HMS Trent to be deployed to Guyana Given the tensions that have occurred in recent weeks in Essequibo Region. The presence of the Royal Navy ship is a show of diplomatic and military support for the former British colony.

As reported by the British Broadcasting CorporationThe Ministry of Defense has confirmed that HMS Trent will take part in joint exercises after Christmas. A ministry spokesman explained to the British media that “…HMS Trent will visit her regional ally and Commonwealth partner Guyana later this month as part of a series of engagements in the region during her Atlantic Patrol mission deployment…”

Offshore patrol ship HMS Trent began its deployment to the Caribbean Sea in early December, departing from its home base in Gibraltar. Currently, the British ship is in Bridgetown, Barbados. The BBC reported that in the coming days, the ship will have to anchor off Guyana's capital, Georgetown, to conduct joint training with local forces and forces of other countries.

After entering service in 2018, HMS Trent is one of the units that make up the River Batch 2 class, ocean patrol vessels designed to operate near offshore enclaves. With a length of 90.5 metres, a displacement of around 2,000 tonnes and an autonomy of 35 days (depending on batch), HMS TRent has a radius of around 10,500 kilometres. The armament of these patrol boats includes a 30 mm Bushmaster cannon, two M134 Miniguns and two GPMGs.

The third ship of the River Batch 2 class, HMS Trent P224, typically operates in Mediterranean waters, supporting NATO security and surveillance operations. The patrol boat has a crew of 65, supplemented by a contingent of Royal Marines for visitation, search and arrest duties, among others.

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After the Venezuelan government's relations with Guyana became strained over the Essequibo region, many countries remained alert as the situation developed. In the case of the United States, Southern Command carried out a series of exercises and exercises in the Caribbean Sea in order to ensure support for Guyana, as well as deterrence against Caracas' claims.

Illustrative cover photo. Credits: Copyright Crown – Royal Navy

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