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Students from CETYS Campus Mexicali High School exchanged knowledge with students from Brazil, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay representing Mexico.

MEXICALI, British Columbia – Alejandro Pineda and Jiobin Kim, fourth-semester students at CETYS Campus Mexicali High School, were part of the 9th Latin American Science Camp, held in Uruguay, sponsored by the Ministry of Science Education.

There, they had the opportunity to expand their learning about scientific topics, live with people from other countries and learn about cultural diversity. Moreover, this was the first time that students of Mexican origin participated in this activity, Ms. said. Emarinha Angulo Camacho, Academic Coordinator at CETYS Campus Mexicali High School.

He added that the selection of students applying for the invitation was based on interest in science and the scientific skills of those interested, as well as their critical thinking. Together, these characteristics led Alejandro and Guibin to travel to South America, where they exchanged experiences with young people from host countries such as Brazil, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay, and, at the same time, strengthened their identity as students and measured impact. Who has the application of his knowledge.

“This experience was great for me, as I was able to connect with many different people and places that have the same interests as me. We had many reflective workshops and were able to think about the person we want to become,” said Alejandro Pineda, a general baccalaureate student. In the future”.

Jiobin Kim, an International Baccalaureate student, described the experience as an unforgettable event. “He left me with diverse knowledge and many memories that will be very important and unforgettable throughout my life. He gave me a path for what I want to do in the future, and since it was a science camp, it is related to what I want to do and also, I am very interested in research, I really liked it.” .

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