CEDHJ opens investigation into bad odor in Semefo de Magdalena

Following the recent demonstrations by neighbors in the Forensic Services (Semefo) in the municipality of Magdalena due to the unpleasant odor the place emits due to a mechanical failure in the mortuary cold room, the Jalisco State Human Rights Commission (CEDHJ) has opened an investigation in defense of human dignity.

in their social networks, CEDHJ has expressed its position on the facilities of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF), Valles Regional Delegation.

On Twitter, the CEDHJ stated: “In defense of human dignity as a value, principle and fundamental right, and the basis and condition of all other rights, the Ombudsman has opened Investigation Report No. It is indicated that the cold room for the preservation of corpses located in the regional headquarters of Magdalena, Jalisco, is not working and that the damage generates unpleasant odors that reach the main square of the place.

Additionally, in another statement, the Jalisco State Human Rights Commission outlined the following steps: “The CEDHJ has directed these precautionary measures to the IJCF Chairman, who has been asked to avoid improper treatment of bodies deposited at that headquarters, which in accordance with the regulations of the Public Health Act, They should be kept in closed rooms at temperatures below 0°C. Mummification is carried out by intravascular injection of antiseptic solutions, and complete immersion of dead bodies in closed receptacles containing antiseptic solutions, among other procedures recommended by common law,” they recommend.

The agency concluded that the measures should be carried out with the support of experts from the competent authorities, all to avoid improper treatment of corpses or slides at their disposal and harming the health of the residents of the municipality.

Since Tuesday noon, more than 20 people have been placed in the facilities of the Galicense Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF), Valais Regional Delegation, located in Magdalena on Hidalgo and Manuel Carrillo Streets, 400 meters from the Municipal Palace to demand that now there is no foul odor in the region.



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